new year 2018Hi everyone... we are all celebrating the New Year 2018.

From everyone at StanFlow we would like to wish you a good start to the New year and hope that great experiences come your way.

The New Year is superb as it gives everyone a chance to start fresh and set themselves a resolution of which they would like to meet. It is important to spend the New Year with your families, loved ones and friends to show that they will be involved in your New Year.

Also, the New Year gives us time to relax and a chance to escape from any bad effects of the previous year. Enjoy!

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The Standard Group of Companies supplies practically all types of equipment encountered in a typical Pharmaceutical plant from Glass Lined Reactors, to Barrier Isolators and Glove boxes, Process Equipment such as ANFD's and Rotary Cone Vacuum Dryers to Thermal Control Systems, Dry Vertical Vacuum Pumps and Ball Valves.

Please take a few minutes to review the links and see the range of innovative product solutions and services supplied and see if there is anything shown that could be of benefit in your business.